Saturday, October 31, 2009

Saturday Afternoon

GO ILLINI!!!!! That is all, don't want to create bad karma or anything!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Random Things Bouncing Around

Put things in a safe place and then forget where that safe plae is! Argh!

The thought of standing in a government office to replace missing items is not nice.

Mark McGuire as Cards hitting coach? Ahhmmm, OK?

I miss fall up north for the color changes. I dislike fall here for the temperature swings. Forty degree temp drops in 2 hours are not nice.

Holding a dog in your lap for a belly rub is good therapy!

I need motivation!

Monday, October 12, 2009

I Knew It Was Coming...

...just wish it could have held off for a couple more years.

We will be down to three for Thanksgiving this year. :-( I expected it, but still am sad. But now Gary and I are thinking out of the box for us (me, him and Chris). Not sure what we are doing, but if we travel, it won't be anything huge. We are going to Florida for Christmas, renting a beach house for a family vacation that does not center around a sporting event! Ch-ch-ch-changes!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Week That Was

Monday I was at an awesome workshop that provided yet another professional spark, Wednesday I was navigating some choppy professional waters, and Friday I was spinning about 10 plates on those long poles. Let's just say, I am glad the week is behind me.

I absolutely love when I attend a workshop or meeting and it feels like the philosophy of the presenter fits me. I hate when people look at a problem and respond with "Well why isn't Person Y doing something about it?" or worse, throw a colleague under the bus. I love helping my colleagues when I can, better I love helping WITH my colleagues. I hate when I hear "Our kids can't do that" without even looking at the plan details. I hate when a teacher stands in the way of someone trying to meet a kids needs, but I hate it worse when I feel I am not meeting those needs. I love it when colleagues are willing to listen to you dump and offer a huge shoulder, a kind ear, and/or sympathetic words or a great suggestion. It is the absolute best when someone helps you carry the load.

I love that I can start over next week, and every week after that if I have to. I may not know what I am going to do, but it is still a chance to start over. I need to keep reminding myself to change what needs changing, not what is easy.

And I love watching Rowdy stare intently at the TV when there is a dog program on and the dogs are barking. The TV is speaking to him!