Sunday, April 15, 2012

Still Here

It is mid April and the slide into the end of the school year is beginning.  I am happy with the way this year progressed, but am excited for next year.  I will be attending a conference on flipping my classroom and am very excited about this change.  It is a huge undertaking, but I feel great about it.  Three other teachers will be attending with me, so we all can support each other as we embark on this endeavor.

We have started the legwork for the kitchen renovation this summer.  The house is 25 years old and the kitchen is well worn.  It needs a facelift.  Thanks to all the sales during income tax weekend I was able to order several of the appliances under budget, on sale with free shipping and no tax!  New oven, warming drawer, wall mounted range fan, gas range, sink, and faucet.  Pretty much got the granite nailed down too.  Looking at lighting fixtures, and will shop for fridge soon too. 

Reading my last post, from November, I still miss and think about Jackie often.  Rhonda commented a while ago that Jackie would have loved Pintrest.  I think that every time I log in there!  It has been a great place to gather ideas for our kitchen renovation as well as classroom ideas and other miscellaneous.  I could spend hours looking at all the other ideas people have pinned.  She would have loved it for sure. 

Have a great weekend!