Sunday, April 18, 2010

Feeling Good Today

I love when I hear about former students doing well in whatever. It makes me feel like I was a miniscule part of that in some way.

Through the years I have always run into former students working at different establishments around the area, while in high school and even a few after college here in the district and around. Seldom do I get someone else's view of them, though.

Eduardo was one of my 8th graders a couple years ago. He was pretty much a good kid; but like all 13 year olds, was more interested in getting out of work or doing as little as possible as quickly as possible. Not in trouble often, and very obsessive about his hair. :-)

There is a Randall's grocery store near here that is my regular grocery stop. I know the manager, John, well, and often see former students working there. John always has good things to say about them when I point them out as my former students. Today I was in John's line and Eduardo (who was hired about a month ago) was working the express line. Eduardo came by to say hello, and quickly got back to his line. John had nothing but great things to say about Eduardo. One week he was scheduled for only 16 hours and ended up working over 30 - coming in every time John called and asked, as long as he could get a ride. John went on to talk about how quickly he has picked things up and that he has not had to correct him once yet. Eduardo also has plans to go to school to be a registered nurse.

Thanks for making my day all my former students!!! You all rock!