Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Trying to think of something clever to say, and it just is not there. But as I sit here this morning watching the news, the dogs, and the kids start to wake up and come down, I am reminded once again of all that we do have to be thankful for. My list is pretty mundane and common, and includes many people who make differences in my life. It really makes me much more thankful, because they are there always, most times in the background, but coming to the foreground sometimes when least expected.

Everyone is here for the day, and we are going out for the traditional dinner. I figured I could do the official cooking at Christmas when everyone is home for more than 48 hours. I will miss the smell of turkey and pumpkin pie baking, but only for about 15 minutes! :-)

Happy turkey day, happy football day!

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cubbygirl said...

Happy Thanksgiving Osterman Family
I'm glad that you're all going to get to spend this time together even if it is only a short time. I hope you all enjoy your time together and have a good dinner. Laura have fun keeping Tucker the rest of the year. I hope him and Duke get along ok. You all have so much to be thankful this year. Got to go for now. Once again, Happy Thanksgiving and God Bless The Osterman family