Sunday, January 11, 2009

Back to Normal

Catherine left last week, Craig left Monday, and Tucker went back today. Our house is back to the three of us once more. It is kind of a good, empty type feeling. Tucker was nice to have around, cute, lovable, and sweet. He was always so happy to see you when we came home from work or whatever. He pepped Dukie up quite a bit, too. But he was still a pup, and pups take a lot of attention. We miss Abby still (or at least I do), but I think our next dog will more likely be a rescue than a puppy.

Midterm exams are this week at school. Then a new semester starts the 20th. In the past, our class rosters usually have quite a bit of moving around at the semesters. The computers do the kids schedules and I am never quite sure of the logic of the computer that does the scheduling. Kids that do not have any class changes at the semester (b/c they are taking all year long courses) end up getting put in all new periods of the same class. The counselors have promised us that there will be hardly any moving around this year. We will believe it when we see it!

Went to Dallas this weekend to watch a swim meet at Austin College in Sherman. Chris went along. Craig swam OK - not the best, but I have definitely seen him do worse. Think he pulled an ab or groin muscle towards the end of the meet. We did not stay for dinner with the team this time, either. They have a meet in San Antonio and one in Austin in a few weeks. Plenty of time to go to dinner then.

Avoiding laundry etc, by doing this. Had best get back to work!


cubbygirl said...

I'm glad you all had a good holiday and you all got to spend some time together. I bet y'all will miss Tucker. He looks so cute. I bet he was happy to get back home with Catherine. How's she doing? I'm glad things are back to normal at your house after the holidays because the aren't quite at my house yet. I hope whatever Craig pulled while swimming isn't too serious.Have fun this semester at school. I agree computers don't know how to do a schedule. We tried a computer generated scheduling system where I work and it had to be overridden every single week as it created some of the strangest shifts imaginable. Good hearing grom you again. I always enjoy reading what's going on with the Osterman family. Y'all take care and keep in touch.

cubbygirl said...
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