Saturday, November 20, 2010

9 Months Prior???

When I was in grade school there were 4 of us who shared the same birthday, and one whose birthday was the day before. I remember this because it was customary for you to bring cupcakes for your class on your birthday, so we always had a sugarfest at lunch these two days! In the last few years I have met 6 more people sharing this special day. Weird! Do you know 10 people who share your birthday? Not the famous people you can google, but people you actually know. I'll bet there are a lot more of us too, since 9 months prior to today (or thereabouts) was Valentine's Day! Hmmm - coincidence??? I wish we could gather for a cupcake party! Happy Birthday Trevor, Talena, Peter, Joey, Dan, Jackson, Julie, Marie, Mark, and Beth...and happy wedding day Matt! It's a great day!

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