Friday, July 10, 2009

Happy Whatever! Festivus? Anyofus?

Happy Blogiversay! Happy Blog Anniversary? Happy Blog Birthday? Anyway - happy belated!

I started this as a way for family to keep up with what was going on with us in our travels last summer. Then it was a way for them to keep track of us during the hurricane. Now it is a way to help them get to sleep at night!

Hope you all have had a great year!

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cubbygirl said...

It doesn't seem like a year has gone by. I really enjoyed your Olympic adventures especially the pictures. I also followed daily during the hurricane as even though I've never met you I was concerned about you. I also liked some of the challenges you have as a teacher. I've had a pretty good year following both yours and Cat's blogs and I know you've both had good times and bad times this last year but I'm glad I was able to share in them and I hope for the most part you had a great year also.