Wednesday, July 22, 2009

World Cup of Softball

Another year, another trip to beautiful Oklahoma City! We have been going up there since spring of 2002, for Catherine's first Big 12 tourney. Some years we have been there 2 or three times. It seems to have become "our summer vacation destination" except we really have seen very little else there except softball! IS there anything else in OKC to see or do? Ah well - if we did not have softball of some sort in the summer, I don't know if we would know what to do!

Anyway - photos are arranged in albums over to the right. We were not there for the first game, so no pics. :-( Some highlights - fan photos at the end of the Italy album and scattered in a few other albums. It is amusing when kids paint their faces, wear adorned caps, and make great posters! Caitlin Lowe's diving catch is towards the end of the Japan album. With a little lucky shooting, I also managed to get Hansen's grannie swing and Lappin's HR swing. A nice sequence of the Japanese runner, Lappin, and the throw coming in is also in the Japan album. Late games caused a few problems, since I kept having to change the settings. I deleted way more photos than I saved.

Crowds were great during the games, with a full house for Japan as expected. We got there about 20 minutes before game time and ended up having to park/walk about a mile down the road from the Firefighter Museum. Made for an enjoyable hike back when they cleared the stadium! (Yeah right!) But it made it easy to find a better spot when the game resumed. ;-)

I always enjoy moving around the stadium for photo ops, talking with others. I am always in awe of the fans that travel significant distances to see the games and haved no direct tie to the team, many with even no direct tie to softball. They just love watching the game.

Next year, OKC will host the World Championships. This tourney is every 4 years, in between Olympic years, and hosted in different countries each time. Since the tourney will be from July 16 through 26, we are going to look for a house or condo to rent near one of the lakes. The thought of 11-12 days in a hotel sends shivers down my "budget" spine!

Enjoy the photos!


cubbygirl said...

Pictures are great. Thanks for posting them. I was there Saturday but my pictures didn't come out as well. In fact i had to buy a new camera battery in between games. I was glad i finally got to see Cat pitch. I had been wanting to see her since her freshman year at Texas. I saw you all Sat. as you were sitting in front of me but was scared to introduce myself to you. You have a very nice and polite daughter who truely has a gift. You definitly did a good job raising her. Congrat. to you and Gary on that. I really enjoyed my first World Cup and am looking forward to next July as I'll definitly come back to OKC then.
Sorry this is so long. Once again Thanks for sharing the awesome pictures. Take Care and keep in touch.

Sharon Kellen said...

Laura O. Sports Photographer - your next career? :) Very good pictures. Thanks!