Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Is It Too Much To Ask?

When you pay for a decent hotel room, is it too much to ask for sheets that actually fit the bed? How about a shower head that is higher then 5 feet up the wall? Free internet? I mean really, does a hotel need to charge $13 per day (and then not even give you a full 24 hours) for internet access? How about TWO coffee cups?

Ok rant over! I am glad to be home. More later! Tomorrow starts day 1 of the "Canine Idol - the Osterman Version". We shall see.

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Sharon Kellen said...

I just got back from a stay at a 'luxury' hotel in North Kansas City. While the room itself looked pretty nice - spacious, king bed, huge bathroom with a deep soaking tub - I was very unimpressed. Mildew in the bathroom, sticky smeared stuff on the desk and bathroom sink counter, blobs of crusted dried up stuff on the nightstand (what was it? I won't go there...), large pieces of something white stuck on the shower faucet handle, a VERY saggy bed, and that annoying daily charge for internet access. I was there to work, and paying to have internet access so I could work seems unfair.

I agree - is it too much to ask???