Friday, August 22, 2008

All Good Things (Part 2)

The song is still bouncing around in my head today. We found Tim's Texas BBQ yesterday and came back today with Roy (one of our interpreters) for a western meal. For Beijing it was pretty good. The chips were hot, greasy, and freshly fried, the barbecue sauce and meat was pretty good, and the beer was cold, even if it was not Shiner. The only thing wrong with it was that they did not have any UT jerseys hanging there. We will have to see if we can fix that!

JR got his passport issues resolved (we hope). He still has to get through the airport with the temporary passport and the shortened visa, good only through Sunday. Everyone thought it was pretty amazing that the issue was brought to close within 48 hours of his losing it. Having Roy (our interpreter and life saver) helped tremendously at the police station. After that incident, one common question every time we changed locations for anything was "Does everyone have their passport?"

We had a team/family dinner and party tonight to celebrate all that the girls have accomplished this tour. It may not have had the final outcome they wanted, but they have done much to help move the sport forward. It was sad and bittersweet, but coach told the girls that farther on down the road that medal they earned this year will shine brightly.

We had a better time than expected in most ways. We did not get to see any other Olympic sports. Tickets just were not available and were not easy accessible. But we saw a lot of Beijing and met some great people. And that is what it is all about really.

Tomorrow we are in the air all day. More pics etc when we are back in the USA!

Good night!

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Jeff Hawkins said...

I really enjoyed your perspective during the games. Thanks for giving us a peek behind the curtain.