Friday, August 15, 2008

Two Games in One Day!

We played Japan Friday afternoon and then finished the game against Canada that was rain delayed from Thursday. Catherine was supposed to throw in the Japan game, but when they saw the line up and Japan not throwing their ace, Ueno, Candrea decided to use Monica instead.

I got a few pictures of the Japan China game before ours, as well as tons of photos of both games again. The girls played the resumed game on the same field and it was nice because most of the fans left and those of us that were taking photos could be in the front row of seats! Hence the nice pics from the Canada game.

On the trip home today I took random shots in the car so you can see a bit of the streets of Beijing again. Bikes and pedestrians everywhere! Stop lights and turn signals are merely suggestions on the side roads. On main roads the lights are minded more often. Expressways are more American like in driving habits though.

As I said before, aparment buildings are EVERYWHERE! And architecture is very cool. Michelle has a good pic of what we are calling the squiggly building. I think I got a pic of it somewhere as well.

I also took photos of the food our housekeeper made for us last night. Her dinners are great and a lot of fun since we sort of know what is in them but not exactly what they are. We give her money each morning we want her to cook and tell her how many dishes to make, family style. She cooks up a huge pot of sticky rice and then shows us the main indredients she put in each dish before she leaves (if we are home by then). I will get those posted as soon as I can.

Now back to editing photos! I am glad to hear so many are enjoying them. We are having fun!

Xie xie! (thank you!)


Carmela said...

You take great pictures. What kind of camera do you use? Thanks for sharing! GO USA!

Sharon said...

Pictures are great, blog posts are great! You're doing a wonderful job of keeping us here in the states 'in the loop'. Thank you!!