Thursday, August 7, 2008

All Our Bags Are Packed...Part 2

Well, almost. There are always the random little things to throw in the carry on, and toiletries that you need at the very end. But all is just about ready.

The dogs were moping around the last day or so, as soon as I dragged out more than one suistcase. (Uh oh, I think they are all leaving. That's not good.) Abbey was especially mopey. But as soon as I grabbed her leash and went to the car, she went bonkers! She was so excited, and when we dropped her off at the Bergmann's she barely noticed that we left. :-( Duke is boarding at the vet's office. With his back, it will be better. They can care for him if it starts to get bad again. He also was pretty happy when we dropped him off, "talking" to the vet tech behind the desk as I filled out the forms.

All the other little stuff is taken care of, I think. I got my classroom pretty much ready for at least the first 2-3 days. I hope the district e-mail is accessible from Beijing. The only thing I could not do yet was to print out my class lists. I will need someone to do that for me as soon as they finish scheduling. There also is an uninvited critter somewhere in my room. I noticed evidence, gnawed on crayons left on a counter a couple weeks ago when I brought stuff up. Further investigation showed that the critter also got into a cabinet behind my desk and gnawed a corner of a ziploc with some chocolate Kisses in it. Someone came today and put a sticky pad down to catch the critter. I hope they remember to come back and check it Monday! =:-O

Well, it is 9:00 and we need to be up for a very early flight! So I had better close this out. Whatever I don't have I can live without I guess. We just have to make sure Gary does not forget his suitcase! I don't think we can find too many clothes to fit him in China!

Next post from NYC tomorrow.

Adios! (I still have to find out how to say good bye in Chinese!)


~gErT~ said...
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jacua34 said...

Hey Mrs. O,

Just got done watching the opening ceremonies....WOW!!! what an amazing experience. Hope you guys enjoy your time in China and tell Mr. O and the guys I said hi.