Monday, August 18, 2008

If It's Monday This Must Be Beijing

But it is Tuesday morning here!

It is kind of funny the conversations that start the morning around here. It seems most of us have trouble remembering what day of the week it is. We know what time the softball game is and just work our schedule around that. I think, with the absence of American television news shows and newspapers, we just lose track of the days. We find ourselves counting back to whatever day we do remember and then go forward from there. Or maybe we are all just losing brain cells at exponential rates!

Sunday USA had a late game, 7:30 PM, so we went to the Summer Palace and then to Yaunmingyuan Gardens. More stairs, more climbing, and my calves, quads, and glutes are just loving me! (not!) The places are very beautiful, however. And the intricate painting on the eaves of the buildings and on the ceiling tiles just makes you stop and wonder about the man hours that it took to paint it all. Not to mention the manpower and hours it took to build it all.

The kids got to climb on the ruins of the old summer palace and walk through the maze that is there. Run off some energy with those kids! Pictures are slowly getting posted. I am taking tons of pics and really enjoying going through them to edit and such. But our days are so full if I don't get something done early in the morning, I find myself falling asleep in the evening on the computer!

Anyway - one slideshow today is some of the food that Jenna (our housekeeper) has made for us a couple of the days. Her food is simple but very good. I think the only dish that did not go over too well was one with something gelatin and vegetable in it. She makes these chicken wings and thighs with a cinnamon sauce that are amazing, and a couple of cold veggie type dishes that everyone loved. She also makes an egg and tomato dish that the kids really like. We are so lucky to have her. We also packed up some of the food yesterday to take to Catherine. Jenna had a puzzled look on her face as we were getting it ready. So we pulled up pictures of us and Catherine vs Taipei here and pantomined and pointed that the food was going to her. She had a big smile on her face and seemed pleased.

Yesterday USA finished pool play with one more win to secure the number 1 seed. Catherine threw 3 innings and then Jennie got some work, when it was apparent that the game would only go 5 innings. (mercy rule is 8 runs after 5 innings.) We then went to the Bank Of America Center to relax and visit with some of the other parents and have some dinner. Catherine was supposed to join us there, but got caught in traffic and got there as we were leaving. That is the way it goes.

Today we are going to Houhai (a lake) and then we are splitting into two groups. We managed to get 5 tickets to Women's basketball, and so some of us will go there and theother 4 of us will go shopping. Tomorrow our game is EARLY!!! The game is at 9:30AM! The good thing there is that it leaves the rest of the day open, but we have to be up and ready to leave by 7:30. Up is not a problem, most of us are still getting up around 6AM. It is the ready and out that will be the challenge. We play Japan for a spot in the gold medal game Thursday night. Australia and Canada will play the other game tomorrow. Many people have asked about the format of the medal round. We are seed 1 and Japan is seed 2, Australia and Canada are 3 and 4. One and 2 play each other, and 3 and 4 play each other. The loser of the 3/4 match is done. The winner of that match plays the loser of the 1/2 match for the bronze. The winner of that game plays the winner of the 1/2 match up for the gold and silver.

So that is all for now. I will get working on loading the slideshows. Think and send positive vibes tomorrow morning/night. It will be good for all of you in the US because the game will then be on at a decent time for you. Until tomorrow, ni hao!


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man, i want a personal chef when I travel abroad! :-)