Monday, August 11, 2008

Some Belated Introductions

It dawned on me that some of you reading this blog might be wondering who all these other people are that tagged along all the way to China just to watch a bunch of softball games! Let me make some quick introductions before I go to bed tonight!

The Osterman family is comprised of Gary and Laura (me) and children Catherine (the reason we are all here), Craig and Chris.

My brother Vince, his wife Liz, and their two darling children Claire and JR are the next part of the entourage.

My sister Michelle makes up the final part in this familial vacation.

All of us went to Athens together in 2005, also sharing a house. We had so much fun there, they all decided to come along with us again this time. And we are having so much fun doing it again this year that we may decide to make this a quadrenial event, even if softball is not on the menu. London -watch out!

OK - off to bed now!


Carmela said...

It has been fun reading all of your blogs. I am also from Houston. I played softball at Dobie High School back in the "Christa" era. ;-) Anyway, just a fan trying to keep up with everything. It is now 11:10 pm (monday) and I can't wait for the game to start. Good Luck to Cat and the rest of TEAM USA....BRING HOME ANOTHER GOLD MEDAL! Thank you for letting us in on a little part of your vacation.

Carmela Ortiz
Houston, TX

Tessa said...

I love reading all of the blogs. Thanks for keeping us posted! I am a teacher from Texas, actually not to far from the Houston area. I just got finished watching the first game, great job LADIES. Can't wait to see Cat, hopefully tomorrow night!

AnnaLew said...

I have been reading both Cat's and now your Blog and are enjoying both very much. My husband Mark is your cousin. We have been following Cat's career and our daughter just loves her! We are hoping to see Cat pitch tomorrow.
Good Luck to all of you and hello to Vince, Michele, et al.

Mark, Anna & Isabelle Lewandowksi