Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Game 1 USA vs Venezuela

USA Softball took the field for the first game today, playing Venezuela to an 11-0 score. It was a combined no-hitter with Jennie throwing the first 4 innings and Monica getting the first game jitters out of the way by throwing the final inning. This time the family has some nice seats behind the dugouts and the parents are relegated to the outfield. See if you can find Craig doing his cheesy poses in one of the crowd shots!

Gary and I started out sitting in the outfield. The sun was actually out today for the most part and it was fairly humid today, typical Houston. Most of the parents, then, had already moved to the first and third base sides where there were bits of shade and other family members. After a couple innings in the outfield, it got a little too hot, and lonely. We were out there with the Lappins, and we decided to go sit with the other parents. I got some nice shots with the new lens from both seats. I will post those pics separate from the post game activities. It looks like Catherine will start tomorrow against Australia.

Very tired tonight! Wahn ahn!

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