Friday, September 26, 2008

Fun at School!

My kids love listening to this! I am singing it in my sleep now!

Dum diddy dum dum!

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cubbygirl said...

qThat's cute. I can see how it could get stuck in your head though.I bet you're glad to be back at school. How many days do you have to make up? Here's another rhyme I wrote that I can't get out of my head now.
C is for the Confidence she has when she plays
A is for Awesome. What opposing hitters says.
T is for Texas where she spent her college days
O is for Olympics. She's pitched in two
S is for Strikeouts. She has quite a few
T is for the Tenacity she has when she throws
E is for Emotions that she's not afaid to show
R is for the Rise ball that's hard to hit
M is for Muscles. She has muscles and stays fit
A is for her Athleticism that's second to none
N is for Nice. She's nice and kind to everyone.
Put it together and what does it say?
Cat Osterman a person who's special in many ways
The end of this rhyme is coming near
Congratulations Cat on your awesome career