Saturday, September 13, 2008

Saturday Morning Coffee

9:30 AM Saturday morning. God Bless Gas Stoves!!! Houston, we have coffee!

Power went out around 1 or 2 AM last night and then the wind and rain started. Got up around 4AM to see what was going on, lots of branches everywhere.

Up and about by 7:00 AM, with the blinds open there is some light. We are using one of the battery packs to power the router and modem so we can get internet access. We have a TV/radio/lantern and we are listening to AM radio broadcasts. Seems the eye passed to the east of us. That is good because the heaviest rains and strongest winds are on the north east side of the eye.

I will upload some pics as soon as I finish the post here. Fences down on all three sides of our yard. Turbine tops from people's garage or house are in a few yards out front. About an inch of standing water in the back yard. Abbey does seems to mind going out but Duke will have none of it! He runs right back to the door. We will have to take him out during a lull and make him stay until he does his thing.

Wind seems to be subsiding quite a bit. Power flickered once about 5AM, we are hoping that is a good sign. The house seems to have come through very well. I remember, during Alilcia in '83, hearing lots of house noises and howling wind in the chimney. The eye also passed right over us that day. We heard very few house noises last night and no wind echos in the chimney. Chris slept right through till about 5:30 or so.

Reports are Galveston and Port Arthur look bad. We have not seen anything yet. More later today!

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cubbygirl said...

Glad y'all are hanging in there. Hopefully you won't be without power too long. Thanks for the pictures and update. Maybe now I can chill out a little bit and relax.
Good hearing from you.