Tuesday, September 16, 2008

This Just Keeps Going and Going and Going...

School is out for the rest of the week. Power still out in many places in the district, damage to some of the facilities, the inability to get gas for the buses and for employees, the inability to restock the cafeterias in the schools just yet since they do not all have power, not to mention damage to any students or employees own homes...It looks like we will go to school until July! There will be another announcement Friday to tell us IF we will be able to start next Monday.

Seriously, I wonder how we will make these days up. We missed 4 days with Rita in '05. We had 2 weather days, used those up, and then took two inservice days and made them into classroom days for the kids and the teachers had to get time equivalency to make them up. This year we have 2 weather days, but we don't have any extra inservice days to use like last time.

I wonder if I can find really cheap airfare to Chicago. Maybe Chris and I will just take in a Cubs game! It's only 3:00 PM but I think I need a beer!


cubbygirl said...

Surely you won't be going to school until July. Things will get better. What were you able to find out as far as plane tickets to Chicago and Cubs tickets ? If you can pull it off, that would be a nice little much neede little get away. Did you get your car looked at? What are you doing about the fence? Hoprfully you won't be out of school too much longer.Sorry in advance for any spelling errors or if this don't make since but notice the time.
Hang in there. Things could have been a lot worse for you guys other then having to make up a bunch of school days.
Take Care and keep in touch

Sharon Kellen said...

Thanks for all the great tips on what to do with my hair! Can I come down there to your stylist? Maybe I'll get some more good ideas... :D