Friday, September 12, 2008

Is Ike One of the Lehman Brothers?

I added some links over to the side. I'll add more as I find them.
  • Storm Pulse so you can track the hurricane.
  • Gary's Buoy is a buoy out in the gulf that is over a pipeline platform he installed last year - fun to watch the wave height as long possible.
  • Houston Wind by Zip Code allows you to see what the different areas around town are expecting.

And of course I'll take pics and post as I can.

The grocery store was stocked back up again this morning. Some water and some bread, etc. No ice though. I went back because all I needed was oregano - forgot it last night so we can make Italian Beef. Picked up a large package of bolio rolls (kind of like hoagie rolls but crustier), a loaf of fresh white bread (smelled so good it called my name!) and an additional case of water.

We put most of the water in the freezer so that when the power goes out we can keep the freezers and fridges cold still. I am also emptying the ice maker regularly, into ziploc bags and storing them in the freezer. Will most likely make one more Randall's run since we also forgot the most important thing for "hunkering down"! Corona! How could I forget that?

Anyway - 10:30 AM and the sun is still shining, it is hot and breezy here. Looks like a typical August day. Weird feeling though, remembering that everyone else is going about their daily routine wherever they are, while we are scurrying about making preps for the storm. Lehman Brothers is falling, Merril Lynch is down over 17 points, and the world keeps turning.


cubbygirl said...

Thanks for the update. You should get some very interesting photos. Just be careful. I was finally able to post what I wanted Catherine to read on her blog. Now I'll post it for you.
U is for United States. The Team they play for.
S is for Sacrifices of their time and so much more.
A is for Athleticism. There's athleticism galore.
S is for Stacey Nuveman. She'll make you laugh.
O for Osterman. The Ace of the pitching staff.
F is for Finch the team's most recognizable face.
T is for Taria Flowers. Who plays first base.
B is for Bustos and her home run blasts
A is for Abbott. She throws hard and fast.
L is for Laura Berg. She's ornery and funny.
L is for Love they play for love of game not money.
Put it together and what does it spell?
USA Softball a team that plays very well.
The team's chemistry is great.
They played in the Olympics in 2008
Even though gold they did not win
Winning the silver isn't a major sin.
This rhyme must end for some strange reason
Congratulations Team USA on your 2008 seadon

Sharon said...

I will be watching your blog and keeping the Ostermans in my thoughts.

If you have a good view of the direction the storm is coming from, maybe you could do like a series of pictures of the same spot. Then we could see the storm coming in. :)

Enjoy the Corona!