Saturday, September 20, 2008

This Is the End My Friend!

Enough of being lazy! We (the teachers that is) go back to school Monday and the kids go Tuesday. Yeah! I think most of the kids are actually looking forward to it as well. They are pretty bored, not much is open. Gas stations are getting gas now, so there are little to no lines. Fast food places up and down Hwy 6, though, remain closed, mostly because they have not been able to restock food. Slowly we creep back towards life B.I. If someone will just come and pick up the bags of debris we all have neatly lined up next to our driveways.

Fred, the fence guy, started working on the Bertoli side of the fence Thursday, and is working on the Clinton's fence yesterday and Monday. As soon as we hear from our other neighbors with their OK, we will get the other sides of the yard done and then the dogs can run the yard again. Yeah!

As of Friday, my school (Watkins) still did not have power (one of 5 in the district without), but it did come on early in the afternoon only to go out once more. Hopefully it is on again and we will be able to forge ahead Monday. If not, the district has a plan in place to deal with the kids to minimize interruption to their learning. So nice of them! Probably bus them to Berry Center and use their meeting rooms.

I have not been up to check on Mitch and Goliath (the animals). I fed Goliath 10 fat mealworms Thursday before we left and Mitch had a nice fat rat earlier in the week, so they should be OK, just maybe out of water, but OK. Whoever cleans out the freezer in the lounge is in for a nice little suprise however! I did have one more large frozen rat in there. I am sure it is well thawed and probably more fit for a turkey vulture than a snake by now! I know I will have to get more mealworms too. With the power off, my supply in my little fridge probably pupated and hatched into nice little brown beetles. Petco did not have any yesterday, so I may have to put up with crickets for a while. (No Buddy Holly though)

I decided to put together a "Stormy" playlist on my iPod for the next storm. I am open to suggestions. I am going through our CDs and my playlists looking for appropriate music. I figure I have some time before I need it again!

And so it goes.


cubbygirl said...
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cubbygirl said...

It's good hearing from you again. I'm glad you get to go back to school and that you're getting your fence fixed.I told you that you wouldn't be going to school until July. It seems like things are almost back to normal whatever normal may be for you guys. How about them Cubbies. Is this finally their year? GO CUBS GO!
Talk to you later

cubbygirl said...

I think I officially have wrist damage from typing to you so much during Ike. So did your school get power yet? Are you back to school yet? Is evryone and everything still ok? I guess all my thoughts and prayers paid off. How's your stormy play list for your ipod coming along? What have you came up with so far? I hope you don't need the storm songs for a long time.Got to run