Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Ike and Spaghetti Predictions

So we are changing the direction of this blog today!

Ike is not even here and President Bush has already declared all the coastal areas disaster areas.

Right now Ike is on track to hit land somewhere between Corpus and Houston. The more it turns North, the closer the dirty side is to us. While we will not get huge damage, we are expecting more and more rain if Ike moves more north, probably some good wind as well. Brazoria County has a mandatory evacuation starting tomorrow morning. The district has cancelled all classes and activities over the weekend, so I will not have to go to my ROPES update. Oh darn!

Here is a great website to track the hurricane.

Jet lag is officially a thing of the past. I now can only blame the fact that I am almost over 50 as the only reason I am sleepy sometimes. We have been enjoying BBQ and Mexican food the last 2 weeks. Maybe this weekend we will feel like getting Chinese food again. It will not be as good as Jenna's though. Sigh!

Time to get back to grading papers! Stay dry everyone!
Go Cubs Go!!!


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cubbygirl said...

I hope y'all will be ok. I started thinking about y'all yesterday when they started talking about Houston. I even asked my dad while watching the Cubs vs Cardinals game if the Ostermans were going to be ok. He said all I could do is hope and pray. So that's what I'm doing.Does your daughter read your blog? There's somethig I'd like to share with her but with 98 comments on her blog it locks up my computer when I try to write to her.I was going to post it for you if you thought she'd read it. Besides I think you'd like it also.
You're right with the Go Cubs Go cmment. They better not screw this up. I've been going to Wrigley Field once a year for 14 years and there's no place like Wrigley to watch a game. Keep in touch and let us know what Ike does and take care.